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All of our car rental vehicles are fully electric - thats right, no dirty fumes, oil or gas. Yes, no gas - no worrying about filling up just before checking into the airport. You don't even have to bring the car back fully charged!
Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standard to ensure the best experience for you, our customer. All of our vehicles include radio/CD player, power door locks and windows, remote entry, automatic transmission and air conditioning. However, many of our vehicles include other options such as back-up cameras, bluetooth, and leather seating. Please don't hesitate to make a special request! Thank you for helping us keep our environment clean by driving green!

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Compact EV

Fiat 500e or Similar

Tour the island in a fun and zippy compact EV!  Our compact vehicles are perfect for up to two adults and come with enough luggage space to hold 2 medium suitcases.  It has a total seating of 4, but the rear seats are best for smaller children.

Mid-sized EV

Nissan Leaf or Similar

Need a bit more space?  Our mid-sized vehicles offer seating for 5 and space to hold 1 small and 2 large suitcases.  Book yours today.

Intermediate EV

Want something similar to the Leaf, but with a bit more headroom?  Ask about our free upgrade!  Our intermediate vehicles offer seating for 5 and space to hold 2 large and 1 small suitcase.  Our Kia Souls are fully loaded with just about every option possible.

Long-range EV

Chevrolet Bolt or Similar

The Chevy Bolt has space for 5 adults, and luggage capacity for 2 large and 2 small suitcases.  The Bolt has an all-electric range of 238 miles, so say goodbye to frequent charges!

Here’s What Our Guests are Saying

Kimberly M. Avatar

WOW! What an amazing experience! My husband was coming on on a flight from Fort Lauderdale (Jetblue) - he had a traditional rental car booked. Low and behold the Jetblue flight was delayed and then delayed some more. The rental car center closes around 8 PM at Lynden Pindling's airport. So, my husband would not have a rental car available until the next morning thanks to Jetblue's delays!!!!!!!! My husband found Ben's company Drive Green car rentals on the Turo app. He called me and told me to arrange it for him. I spoke to Ben and he made it happen IMMEDIATELY! Like, within an hour his mom (Family owned business!!!! A BONUS!!!!) was there waiting for my husband at the airport! Sign with his name on it and all!!!! In the end my husband got an all electric Nissan Leaf for LESS than the rental car company with VIP service!!!!!! YOU CANNOT ASK FOR MORE THAN THIS!!!!!! This company is the BEST!! MAKE NO MISTAKE THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!

Kimberly M. 18 Jun 2019

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