An Interesting Start

Drive Green Car Rentals Ltd. is the brainchild of Benjamin Davis.  In a world where the usage of EVs is ever increasing, it is important that persons are able to rent the same environmentally friendly car that they drive on a daily basis.  Ultimately starting out as a project for an entrepreneurship class, Benjamin realized that this could actually come to fruition.  Drive Green Car Rentals is 100% Bahamian owned and operated, and takes pride in keeping The Bahamas clean, green and pristine.

Benjamin attributes the formation of Drive Green Car Rentals as a factor of his upbringing.  From a young age his parents had always taught about environmental stewardship and ensuring that our planet is protected for future generations.  He had also been interested in cars from a very young age, and spoke of have vivid memories of working on vehicles with his father. Fast forward a decade or so and he found myself as a dual degree student at the University of The Bahamas studying both business and music.  Benjamin was very excited when he enrolled in an entrepreneurship course and found out that the final project was to develop and present a business plan. He took this opportunity to blend his love for the environment and love of cars into a business plan. In a country that prides itself on sunny skies and clean beaches, and touting some six million tourist visitors per year, he wanted to be sure that we were doing everything in our power to protect our natural resources.

We look forward to your business.  Each rental helps to offset your travel carbon footprint and promotes a cleaner environment for all of us.

You can Contact Us directly to make a booking or visit our Reservations page.

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