Driving an electric vehicle may be a new step for some, so we just wanted to make sure that everyone is just as prepared as the person who drives an electric car every day.

Turning on your vehicle

With the smart key (if equipped) anywhere in the vehicle, place your foot firmly on the brake pedal and push the Start Button to the right of the steering wheel.  The smart key can remain in your pocket or bag and does not have to be removed to unlock, start or drive the vehicle.

The vehicle will chime for about 2 seconds, then a green icon will illuminate on the dashboard indicating that the vehicle is powered on and ready to drive.

*Please note - electric vehicles do not have internal combustion engines and will be completely silent upon startup.


Shutting off your vehicle

To shut down your vehicle, simply place the car in Park by pushing "P" on the gear selector and pressing the same Start Button to the right of the steering wheel.

For more details, watch Nissan's official video on the Leaf's Power Switch.

Press firmly on the brake pedal.

Push to Start Button

Green Icon indicating car is on